23rd Oct Monday

India Eye-Opener

Online India Eye-Opener

Hindi & Gujarati

Rs. 590/-

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India Eye-Opener

2,15,000+ participated from 545+ cities and 21+ countries


What will you learn in the workshop?

  • Understanding why the markets rise or fall
  • Recognizing the winning and losing stocks
  • Root cause of failures in the market
  • Benefiting from falling markets
  • Making big with a small trading capital

Hemant Pagi!
Trader | Investor | Mentor

I have been working in the stock market for the last 14 years. In these 14 years, I made many mistakes and learned a lot. now I can say I am a good Stock Trader , Investor & consultant. After going into a good flow I thought about starting this channel. And it’s not wrong that I did hard work by day or night to write blogs and make videos. Just give education to people on the stock market. It’s all my hard work. So, friends, I request you to go to my channel and watch all videos to get knowledge. I am sure this knowledge will give you advanced confidence. Our company gives without investment franchise .

  • NISM Certified Broker & Trainer

  • Free Marketing Support

  • Qualified & Skilled Mentor

  • Free Education Support

  • Stock Market Educator

  • Free live market Support

What you will get in this work shop?

  • Why Stock market
  • How to understand stock market?
  • Where to understand?
  • When you can start earning with Real trading
  • What are the process to follow for consistent Results?
  • One Master Trading Set up

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